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We are licensed and trained to install a brand-new paver or walkway in your home. Exterior Solutions is a premium paver contractor in NJ that serves The Garden State. We’ve mastered the art of masonry in our last 22 years of service. Our paving services include installation, repairs, and maintenance for walkways, driveways, and patios in all major cities and counties. We provide various design options, solutions, and customizations to achieve the look you need for your outdoor spaces.

Contact Exterior Solutions today to request a quote for our paver design and installation services. We provide masonry services for all of New Jersey’s residential properties and businesses. Call (201) 893-3198 or fill out our contact form for a quote. Our estimates are FREE of charge!

Professional Siding in New Jersey
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Our Walkways & Pavers Excel

The benefit of installing your New Jersey walkway pavers with Exterior Solutions is the unmatched quality assurance. We work with premium quality materials that improve the aesthetics of your driveways, patios, pathways, and other outdoor masonry pieces at affordable rates. Partnering with us means:

  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Lower prices from our exclusive vendors
  • Free quotes and transparent rates
  • Solutions for homes and commercial properties

Our New Jersey Paving Services

Exterior Solutions provides paving, driveway, and walkway installation and repairs for any outdoor property. Let our years of experience speak for themselves with our services that include:

Paver Installation Services

After careful planning and consideration, we carefully lay pavers throughout your outdoors, starting with a base layer of gravel or stone. With the right concrete edging, we ensure your pavers stay where they are. After laying out some sand, we’ll get to work. Our paver installations are made to fit in the most challenging of spaces with cutting and shaping techniques. We work with concrete, brick, natural stone, and asphalt pavers to improve the appearance of your property!

Siding Installation
Siding Repair

Driveway Installation Services

Our professional driveway installation services are not only durable but also visually appealing. With a careful site assessment, thoroughly planned excavation and grading, and a base preparation of graven or crushed stone, we install driveways on your property that are meant to last. Exterior Solutions works with various driveway materials like concrete, asphalt, gravel, interlocking pavers, or natural stone. Call us today for a free quote for our New Jersey paver driveways!

Walkway Installation Services

Walkways or pathways are crucial parts of a stunning masonry and landscaping project. Exterior Solutions focuses on the hardscaping aspect of walkway installation services, providing detailed site evaluations, careful material selection, and jointing and finishing to prevent weed growth between your paver walkways. We work with quality concrete, natural stone, brick, cobblestone, and other interlocking pavers for your garden paths, entryways, and more!

Siding Maintenance
Vinyl Sidding Solutions

Repair & Maintenance Services

We also repair and maintain your concrete pavers! If your walkways, driveways, or paths need a touch-up, Exterior Solutions is the right masonry contractor for the job. We save your pavers from quick deterioration, fix cracks, fill gaps, or replace pavers with new ones if needed. Our masonry maintenance and repairs are ideal for your gardens, pools, entryways, and driveways. Call us today and ask about our maintenance plans for your outdoor walkways!

Why Choose Us?

Exterior Solutions has served 100 miles around the state for over 22 years. We have fruitful experiences paving commercial and residential properties, installing driveways, laying out garden paths, and paving sidewalks for busy neighborhoods. With hundreds of satisfied clients, we bring quality over quantity to light.

Areas We Serve

We serve the entire New Jersey area. Find us in the following counties:

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Exterior Solutions and our team of expert masonry artists will transform your walkways, build retaining walls, and provide concrete and stone paver solutions for your property. Call (201) 893-3198, email us at ar.exteriorsolution@gmail.com, or contact us through our website!